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The Ex Factor Guide reviews are for Ex Factor Guide, a strong program that teaches people how to use professional approaches and practical ways to get back together with their ex. But how likely is it that you’ll be able to reestablish your relationship with your ex?

You need a plan… and that’s exactly what the Ex Factor Guide is. It’s a plan like no other that’s designed to get your ex back by using human psychology. The biggest mistake most people make when they get dumped is to beg their ex.

According to research, 50% of couples reconnect and get back together after a breakup. That doesn’t imply there’s a 50% chance you won’t get back together because you may learn professional skills and practical strategies to boost your chances of reuniting with your ex. And that’s exactly what happened.

The Ex Factor Guide will show you how. It was created to work for all types of breakups and individuals, whether it was a short-term romance that needed to be repaired or a long-term marriage that needed to be revitalized.

There are separate versions for men and women to guarantee you learn the right skills for your ex, regardless of whether they’re male or female. The best part is that it isn’t about changing who you are, how you appear, or what you desire.

The program is built around the dynamics of relationships and the psychology of breakups. So there are no awkward one-liners to remember or manipulative techniques to employ; simply effective, simple strategies and techniques that you may incorporate into your daily routine.

What Is The Ex Factor Guide All About?

Those of you who have experienced heartbreak know precisely how it feels. They’re dreadful, to say the least. They are, in reality, unyielding. The agony of heartbreak is too much to bear. Unfortunately, this program will not improve how people feel after a breakup.

Ex Factor GuideThere are two versions of the Ex Factor Guide. One is for men and the other is for ladies. This one-of-a-kind program will teach you the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy relationship. It also teaches you how to reclaim your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

The Ex Factor Guide assists you in resolving difficulties such as envy and fighting in previous relationships. This course will teach you how to apply the most effective ways. These techniques can assist you in mending shattered relationships and transforming them into the finest possible.

You’ll find a variety of useful strategies to get your ex back in both the men’s and women’s versions. The Ex Factor Guide teaches you how to improve your body language, text messages, voice tone, seduction methods, and more. Within this application, these methods are separated into distinct pieces. This ensures that you apply the information while still having fun reading the book.

Who Is Brad Browning?

Brad Browning is the author of The Ex Factor Guide. He is also a well-known relationship expert and coach from Vancouver, Canada. Brad has spent ten years assisting couples in repairing and improving their relationships. Brad has been researching the inner workings of relationships as well as the psychology of breakups for several years. He is now an authority on the subject.

Brad is a senior editor at, where he has authored a lot of articles about breakups and conflict resolution. Brad has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about relationship troubles. When it comes to love and relationships, he is regarded as a love expert with a wealth of experience. Brad Browning’s writings are widely regarded around the world.

Who is the Ex Factor Guide’s creator?

Brad Browning, the author of The Ex Factor Guide, is a Vancouver, Canada-based specialist relationship counselor who specializes in breakups and divorces.

He has a well-known YouTube channel where he gives tips on how to keep and strengthen love relationships.

Brad Browning is regarded as a master when it comes to love and relationships, as his publications are highly regarded in this field.

Brad’s two internet masterpieces are “The Ex-Factor” and “Mend the Marriage.” He is also a contributing author for a number of popular relationship websites.

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Advantage of Ex-Factor Guide

  • When dealing with a split, the Ex Factor Guide advises remaining calm and mature.
  • It aids in the re-establishment of your self-esteem.
  • Teaches you how to recognize your mistakes and how to repair them so they don’t happen again.
  • Stops you from saying or doing dumb things.
  • Assist you in comprehending the psychology of your breakup.
  • Increases your chances of reuniting with your ex in a new and better way.

What Will The Ex Factor Guide Teach You?

Learn how to deal with breakups, rebuild your relationship, and get back with your ex with the guidance of The Ex Factor Guide. Because it has been prepared individually for men and women, this handbook is useful for practically everyone:

  • For Men’s The Ex Factor Guide
  • The Women’s Ex Factor Guide

To persuade your ex, this program primarily employs a series of psychological and physical techniques. There are 220 pages in the ebook, a 5-hour audiobook, and three Pro Series videos included.

The Ex Factor Guide is incredibly effective, according to several The Ex Factor Guide reviews, and uses a simple strategy that is easy to follow for people of all levels.

The Ex Factor Guide’s advantages and disadvantages


  • Advantages One-time payment
  • It’s simple and straightforward.
  • Training that is comprehensive.
  • Because The Ex Factor Guide is digital, you can get rapid access to it.
  • 60-day money-back guarantees are available.


  • Paypal or a credit card is the only payment methods available.
  • Only the English language version of the course is accessible.
  • The Ex Factor Guide is only available online.

For whom is The Ex Factor Guide designed?

The Ex Factor is for a man or a woman who has recently broken up with someone and wants to reclaim their love. This guide, on the other hand, isn’t ideal for someone who wants to figure out how their ex is holding them back.

This book is the appropriate choice if you’ve been dumped and want to take concrete efforts to get your ex back.

You do not, however, require The Ex Factor Guide if:

  • Second chances in love and relationships aren’t something I believe in.
  • You are absolutely certain that you will go on with another companion.
  • You never want to see your ex again.
  • You’re afraid to give love another opportunity.

Is The Ex Factor Guide a genuine source of information?

The Ex Factor Guide is a one-of-a-kind approach called the 3R System Recovery, Rekindling, and Re-Attraction because it addresses all stages of a breakup.

It’s especially effective for folks who stick to uncomplicated, step-by-step procedures. Furthermore, it does not guarantee an immediate treatment or outcomes, and the approaches will take time to improve.

The Ex Factor Guide is immediately accessible after purchasing because it is digital software. So you won’t have to wait for delivery or worry about lugging a textbook around with you. It even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a try without risk.

Customer feedback and concerns about The Ex Factor Guide

There are people that adore Ex-Factor, and other people’s Ex-Factor Guide reviews have a lot of positive things to say about the program.

Despite hours of study, I was unable to locate any complaints among them, with the exception of those who did not use these expert relationship counseling strategies.

The Final Verdict on The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide is the best program for anyone who has been through a split and wants to rekindle their relationship with their ex. The Ex-Factor Guide contains all of the specifics, and the chapters are well-written and well-explained.

It will be instructed on the best ways to learn, as well as a variety of suggestions and choices that will ensure success.

Read The Ex Factor Guide, as well as listen to and view videos, to figure out which is the best option. It may be contingent on the circumstances. This Ex Factor Guide review should help you decide whether or not this program is worth your money.

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Product Information

This guide is for men/women looking for ways to rebuild their relationship with an ex girlfriend/Ex boyfriend. It provides techniques to change her feelings about you through use of its 3M System™.

It also addresses the kind of approach to take in various situations:

For example:

– Identifying attractive and unattractive characteristics
– Dealing with the pain of the initial breakup
– Should you contact your ex and how
– How to handle if she contacts you
– What to do if she doesn’t contact you
– Regaining the confidence to date your ex again
– How to conduct yourself once you and your ex start dating again
– How to seduce your ex
– Using effective communication and body language
– How to maintain a thriving relationship

Skillsets: Relationship Skills

Expert/ Coach/ Author: Brad Browning

Experience Level(s):

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Learning Format:

  • eBook
  • Download (Video)

Price: $47.00

Buy From Product Owner

Free Video Presentation Reveals Secrets To Getting Your Girlfriend Back



The Ex Factor Guide is divided into the following 14 Chapters:

  • Chapter #1:  Introduction
  • Chapter #2: Attractive Characteristics
  • Chapter #3: Unattractive Characteristics
  • Chapter #4: Panic Acceptance
  • Chapter #5:  Start with ” No Contact
  • Chapter #6:  Start Dating other Men/Women
  • Chapter #7:  What if He/She Contacts You
  • Chapter #8:  What if He/She Doesn’t Contact You
  • Chapter #9:  The “Date”
  • Chapter #10: Seduce Him/Her all over Again
  • Chapter #11: Sex (What to Do After Sex)
  • Chapter #12:  Preventing Breakup
  • Chapter #13:  Desperation Tactics (The Desperation Letter)
  • Chapter #14:  Conclusion


Is it acceptable to select a male or female version of the program?

Because each version is gender-specific, it’s critical to pick the right one in order to learn the proper methods. As a result, make sure you select the appropriate choice for your ex’s gender.

What if the Ex Factor Guide isn’t successful?

Try The Ex Factor Guide for 60 days and then request a refund if it doesn’t work. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is The Ex Factor Guide a genuine source of information?

Yes, it’s true. The Ex Factor Guide offers the most reliable and effective relationship (or breakup) advice available.


If you’re seeking to restore your relationship with your ex, The Ex Factor Guide is a must-read.

This program employs effective strategies for reuniting with your ex.

It was prepared by a well-known relationship expert who has helped countless couples mend their damaged bonds.

The Ex Factor Guide is a fantastic resource for understanding your breakup and reuniting with the one you love.

Furthermore, you have nothing to lose by making this transaction.

Brad Browning offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to everyone. So, if you’re not entirely satisfied with this incredible software, you can get a complete refund.

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