15 Ways to Make Him Miss You Desperately

Make Him Miss You: Your relationship with your partner, or perhaps your husband, has started to fade.

You’ve been together for a while and are beginning to take each other for granted. Or you still like him, but you think he’s taking advantage of you.

Maybe you’ve been worried about this for a while, or maybe you’re just starting to see the signals.

Either way, you want to do something about it. You want to reignite things and remind him of why he first fell in love with you.

You adore this guy and believe that your relationship can blossom once more. You’ll need to put in the effort to make that happen.

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Long-term couples are certain to have periods where they don’t appreciate one other as much as they should.

Long-term relationships can be amazing, but it’s no secret that they’re difficult to maintain and that there are always setbacks.

The good news is that making him miss you can help you improve your relationship. And allowing yourself to miss him as well.

If you fear you’re starting to get bored with each other, the suggestions below may be able to help you breathe fresh life into your relationship by adding a little surprise.

What Can You Do To Make Him Miss You?

There is no foolproof strategy to make your boyfriend or husband miss you.

However, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can get him to sit up, pay attention, and stop taking you for granted.

You want him to start reminiscing about how things used to be in your relationship, which will motivate him to start putting in more effort.

If these suggestions don’t work, it’s possible that your difficulties go deeper than simply taking each other for granted, and you’ll need to spend some time thinking about where your relationship’s fault lines are and how to fix them.

1. Do not respond to him right away

Do you have a habit of responding to his messages as soon as you receive them? It’s fine to make him wait for every now and then.

While playing games like this may seem childish, if you want him to remember you, you should at least slow down your response pace. Unless it’s an emergency, of course.

You don’t have to wait X amount of minutes or hours to text him back; there’s no magic number. Putting regulations in place like that isn’t healthy.

Reply as soon as it is truly convenient for you, but not more than 20 seconds after you receive the message.

2. Reducing your contact with him is a good idea

It’s possible that, due to your hectic schedules, the two of you don’t see each other much during the day.

However, if you communicate frequently during the day, informing each other on events, you might want to pare it down to the fundamentals.

Even if you don’t hear from him for a few hours, he may begin to miss you.

That way, you’ll have something to chat about when you get home at the end of the day (or when you meet up with him if you don’t live together).

You’ll be able to tell him about your day as well as learn about his, and the conversation will continue to flow.

3. Make him want to know more

You enjoy talking on the phone with him and would happily go on dates with him for hours. You must, however, be the one to hang up or say goodbye if you want him to miss you.

Always leave some things unsaid and more to catch up on so that he does not become bored.

No matter how long you’ve been together, a slight air of mystery and unavailability always adds spice to a relationship.

4. Begin to live your life in the service of yourself

Compromises must be made in order for a relationship to work. However, it’s critical not to overdo it.

You’ll never be completely happy if you lose yourself in a relationship, and the fractures will begin to show.

What are some of the things you used to like that you haven’t done since he entered your life?

What are the things you long for? What makes you feel like you’re being your authentic self? Is there a hobby or a cause you’re enthusiastic about that you used to enjoy?

Reclaiming some of the things that made your heart sing will make you feel better about yourself, but it will also remind him of what drew him to you in the first place.

5. Don’t put other things on hold for him

If you’re in a committed relationship with this man, he’ll undoubtedly be a top priority in your life. However, if you want him to miss you, he can’t always come first.

Respect him and create plans with him, but don’t be scared to make your own plans. Don’t abandon your plans just because he doesn’t like them.

Your family and friends, your career, and your overall well-being should all be top considerations.

Sending him the message that, while you love him, he isn’t the center of your universe will help you maintain a healthier and more respectful relationship.

6. Set your status to “SINGLE.”

If you’ve updated your social media account’s relationship status to “committed,” it’s time to revert it back to “single.” Treat him like a friend when he treats you like a friend and does not give you the attention you deserve as a girlfriend. You update your relationship status to make him miss you as a girlfriend.

If he truly cares about you as a girlfriend, this will come as a shock to him. He’ll attempt a few different approaches to figure out why you altered it. You can even address him as a friend in public to stoke the fire even more. Suddenly, the guy who was hardly paying attention to you until yesterday will seek out ways to be with you because he misses you.

7. Take use of the time you have with your friends and family

The truth is that we often overlook our friends and family while we are in relationships, not spending enough time with them.

As a result, make it your duty to make memories with them. Fill your calendar with exciting activities you can do with the people you care about.

When your boyfriend or husband sees you out and about with other significant people in your life, he or she may begin to miss having you around and want to start making more memories with you.

8. Take him by surprise

Spending time apart isn’t the only way to make him miss you. Surprising him and throwing things off can also help.

Try new things instead of going on the same old dates to the same old places.

Keeping him on his toes means he’ll be looking forward to seeing you and seeing what you’ll do next.

9. Leave him with mementos of your presence

If you don’t live together, leaving something modest at his house will remind him of you every time he sees it.

If you live together, you may leave a letter or a tiny present in his bag when he goes away to make him smile and keep him thinking about you.

10. Post some hot photos

Your love for your lover may be pure as nature, yet you are aware of the proverb, “Men will always be men.” Hotness is the attribute that immediately draws your boyfriend’s attention. So, when you feel that he isn’t paying attention to you like he used to, let out your steaming hotness.

Take some photos that appear to be more revealing and enticing, such as ones that show some cleavage or thighs, and post them on social media. Make certain he sees the photos that will make him jealous. This will immediately cause him to become possessive of you, and he will miss you.

11. Be true to yourself

If this is the correct guy for you, he’ll love you even when you’re at your craziest and most unusual. When you truly let your individuality shine, he won’t be able to resist you.

Day-to-day living may be dulling some of that radiance, but resisting it and being true to yourself will remind him of why he fell in love with you and make him miss spending time with you.

12. Give yourself a much deserved new look

Treating yourself should be primarily motivated by the fact that you are deserving of it.

Getting that haircut, renewing your make-up bag, getting a massage, or pampering yourself to a new dress, on the other hand, could offer you a confidence boost that he can’t refuse.

It may cause him to take a second look and recognize how fortunate he is, prompting him to prioritize spending time with you.

Make sure you eat well, drink enough water, and maintain a healthy glow.

It will make you feel amazing as if you’re ready to take life by the horns, whether or not it makes him wake up and start enjoying you more.

13. Make different plans for the weekend

People in long-term partnerships may sometimes feel compelled to be linked at the hip at all times.

While doing things together is fantastic and vital, doing things individually can be just as helpful.

When the weekends arrive, don’t feel obligated to spend them together.

Suggestions that you do things separately may result in both of you getting the break you require to begin missing each other.

That way, when you’re together on weekends, you’ll be more present and grateful for the time you have together.

14. Get away for a while

If you don’t live together, a weekend when you both do your own thing can be enough to pique his interest in seeing you.

If you do live together, though, some genuine time apart is necessary every now and then.

Sure, on the first night, he could appreciate the extra room in the bed, but after a while, he’ll miss sleeping next to you.

If he’s left to his own devices, he’ll begin to realize how much you do around the house or for the kids, if you have any.

It could be a single night out or a couple of weeks away on vacation. In many circumstances, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

If you’ve been stepping on each other for too long, taking a vacation from each other could be beneficial to your relationship.

15. Show him your “Best”

The best method to make him miss you is to show him a side of yourself that he hasn’t seen before. Start working on yourself when you notice your passion dwindling, especially for your boyfriend. Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to how you look in the past, but now is the moment!

Methods to make him miss you a lot – Look your best whenever you’re with him. Make sure you look your best whenever you’re with him! Make your look a little unusual, and he’ll notice you like he’s never seen you before. This will assist you in rekindling the lost desire in your relationship.

Final Word

So, you’ve figured out what you’ll have to do next? All you have to do is assess your scenario and pick one of the Top 10 ways to make him miss you like crazy from the list above. This method will undoubtedly assist you in regaining your boyfriend’s attention and restoring the lost colors in your relationship.

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