5 Cool Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

Every woman has asked herself this question at least once in her lifespan is why men come back months later.

Think about this scenario; you were dating your man and had fallen in love with each other very soon.

After some time, he broke up with you, asked for space and you were left thinking what had happened between both of you.

Finally, you decided to apply the ‘no contact rule’.

You decided to focus on yourself and started to work out. You started spending more time with your friends, or just had a fun time being free.

The person left you suddenly didn’t even pop into your mind. Your ex-boyfriend who broke your heart months ago was long gone.

A month later, a text message arrives on your mobile. It is your ex-boyfriend who gave you heartache. The person whom you used to date and trusted a lot.

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And you were left wondered by his behavior. He treated you lightly, so why would he contact you now?

You ask yourself several times why men come back months later. What does he want from you?

Why is he trying to contact you? Is this an indication that he still loves you?

You were no longer a challenge to him this is the reason he left you. You have to understand this simple truth.

Now you give him the security he wants and it is no point in him chasing you anymore.

This might be the reason why men don’t stay in love after a certain period of time.

You might hate me for bringing the truth to you, but men don’t come back because of love months later.

If he sincerely loved you, he would not have left you in the first place, especially not for many months.

You cannot find out how much time it takes for a man to realize that he loves you.

Instead, it could take months for a man to realize other things that could make him come back later.

Here are probably 5 Cool Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

1. Men come back because they think the grass would be greener on the other side

5-Cool Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

The first reason why a man comes back after leaving you is that he has this confusion that he could do better.

He realizes a few months later when he discovers that the grass isn’t greener.

Men always want to have fun and their freedom but when they decide on a breakup, they think that they hang out more with their male friends, go to parties like crazy, can have many girlfriends as they want. He thinks he can find a girlfriend who is better than his previous one.

And everyone knows that men are ego-driven.

After spending some time, they got tired of their single life and they realize that the girls who seemed to be better are actually worse.

They realize that those girls have all sorts of issues, besides not accepting their flaws as you did.

That’s when an epiphany happens. He realizes that he made a mistake and he tries to sneak right back into your life.

It would be a huge mistake to take him back because he doesn’t realize the love that you had.

He could not give you the importance the first time around and there is no guarantee that he will give you it the second time.

2. Men come back because they were testing your limits

Cool Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

This might be interesting. Your ex is not be doing this on purpose.

If a man and you are dating frequently, breaks up with you in the middle and suddenly comes back months later, it is a big possibility that he is actually testing your boundaries.

He does this to know what sort of behavior you will endure and accept.

He could easily break up with you just before a tour with your friends or just before you are going to a play.

And after you come back from that tour or your play, he asks you to get together both of you again.

I know it sounds confusing, but that guy should not be blamed for it. You agree that both of you got together in the first place.

If a man sees this opportunity of getting back together with you, he will accept it.

3. Men come back when you have grown as a person

Cool Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later (2)

The second reason why men come back months later is when they see that you have grown as a person and got a better man.

If you want to see your ex-boyfriend flooding you with messages and attention, you just need to make perfect yourself.

You have to believe me, he would not recognize you and he would come straight back to you.

Make better of yourself by just start working out at the gym, change your hairdo, and grow as a person and believe me, your ex-boy will come back and ask you how you are doing.

That is because previously, your ex lost interest in you. To him, you were dull and boring.

However, now you have improved yourself, he believes that you have become a mature person, now he can explore and get to know you better.

At this time, you have become a challenge to him and this is what he likes in you.

4. Men come back when something reminded him of you

Clear Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

The thing is, if you have strong happy moments together, there would be possibilities that your ex will realize something that would remind him of you.

Those memories will trigger the same passions and emotions that he felt when you were with him. That is why he desires to get back to you without hesitation.

You have to be careful and not let him tempt you into a trap of feelings and emotions.

He might just want to experience the feelings and emotions again, only to leave you the moment they disappear.

You have to always keep this thing in mind that men leave for a reason.

If you want to give him a chance and consider taking him back, the problems need to be addressed and dealt with that you had in the first place.

5. Men come back when they genuinely want you in their life

Best Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

People tend to make mistakes and there are some men who genuinely require a break.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a good or bad thing. They might need to work on some problems alone.

I tell you this because I was once one of those men who wanted to fix the problems alone in order to have a strong relationship.

However, this reason is difficult to figure out. A man who thinks to get back with you together needs to take a real leap of faith.

If your ex desires to come back months later, you should wait and watch how he behaves.

This is especially important if you loved the guy in the first place. The least you can do is listen to what he wants to say.

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